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3 in 1 Power

from Nature to your BODY

Are you having darkened skin? Low immunity? Constantly under the Sun? Having difficulty to stay away from your mobile devices? Are your liver protected when you drink alcohol? If the above are part of your lifestyle, You are having an ageing problem! Everyone aged, the key is are you Ageing Actively! Click video to learn more.



What is Active Ageing? It means our body is ageing according to its natural biological clock where you are still able to actively do all the things you want to do including brighter skin, having the right weight ratio, having the youth and vitality to actively enjoy your life instead of relying on medicine to maintain your health and fitness conditions. In addition able to protect yourself against natural harsh environment and tech environment blasting us with BlueRay and EMF (Electro Magnetics Frequency) from all our mobile and tech devices. Reboot Vivo combines 3 supreme natural extracts: White Tomato, Haematococcus Pluvialis and L-Cysteine to give you the powerful Active Ageing ingredient source for your body to perform miracle again. 


100% natural and non-GMO patented ingredients White Tomato Extract providing Phytoene and Phytofluene to help block UVA/UVB. It protects our cells from oxidation 

reboot vivo

Clinical name Astaxanthin

 Strongest antioxidant in nature, able to penetrate into every skin cell, rejuvenate collagen and protein, rebuild skin elasticity, full protection against ultraviolet radiation, inhibit formation of melanin, prevent dermatitis and skin cancer.

reboot vivo

The key to your Glutathione

L-cysteine is valued for its ability to increase glutathione levels in the body, the “mother of antioxidants.” It works as an antioxidant, and it helps boost lung and brain function, and promote liver detoxification. Good for alcohol drinkers for protection from long term drinking. A semi-essential amino-acid found naturally in human body. Abundant in protein-rich foods. A building block for glutathione in our body.

100% Safe and Natural & effective

Our Reboot Vivo formulation has been helping our clients protect their liver, skin brightening, protect their skins, enhance skin elasticity, reduces dark circles and facial spots towards Age-Defying success across different countries from USA to Asia Pacific regions. As carotenoids has been International Quality assured and certified GRAS by US FDA and the European Food Safety agencies around the world.

reboot vivo
reboot vivo

3 Ingredients, All Natural

With 3 all natural ingredients providing our daily dietary antioxidants, building blocks for glutathione and white tomato carotenoids intake to meet the daily requirements and needs. Natural Non-GMO food, GMP produced superior grade with no side effects while protecting your liver from drinking alcohol and at the same time protecting you from the sun and EMF from mobile devices, is this a great alternative to condition your body for active ageing without sickness and diseases?

reboot vivo

How to use Reboot Vivo?

Take one capsule together with one satchel of Reboot Lavida in the morning. For Reboot 168 during the 5 days, take another time in the afternoon before or after lunch. 

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while enjoying your life under the Sun, using your mobile devices.

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Our Reboot Vivo have been used by over 50,000 customers around the world with a 98% satisfaction rate.

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