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Does Reboot Lavida have any certifications?  

Yes. It is International Quality Assured and Certified. Classified as a health supplement by Health Science authorities. GMP certified production. GMO Free. 100% Natural. Heavy Metal Safe. Suitable for Vegetarian. Easily consumed by children. A healthier choice in general as stated by the Singapore Health Standard. Made in Singapore.

reboot lavida


Does Reboot Lavida have any clinical papers to prove its effectiveness?  

Yes. It has human clinical studies as well as stage one clinical studies for both key ingredients used respectively. 

reboot lavida


Who or which organisation did the clinical studies?  

There are total 66 different medical research centres and medical institution that did the research that lasted between 25 years to 35 years in order for it to reach the stage for human clinical studies. 

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Can this help to cure cancer?  

Reboot Lavida is not a medication or drug, therefore it does not have any medical claims. Reboot Lavida is a natural based ingredients that is providing the source for body nutrients and energy, cells are the one providing the miracles. However it does provide the source to allow the body to help in coping with chemotherapy with cisplatin induced conditions. 

reboot lavida

Can children take Reboot Lavida?

Can. As Reboot Lavida is 100% natural, even children of 1 and half years old loves to consume it. However, in the beginning must mix into their fruit juices or milk for them to have a 60 to 90 days transition. Most children afetr the transition, it tastes sweetness to them. 


Why is there 3 main kinds of taste?

As each individual body conditions are different, when it taste sweetness, it means the body is in balance. When it taste salty or even fishy, it means the body is acidic. When it taste bitter, it means the body is having a lot of "chemical" inside. However, all will adjust and changes after 60 to 90 days consuming Reboot Lavida because the body is able to adjust and balance itself up.