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Does Reboot Puro have any certifications?  

Yes. It is International Quality Assured and Certified. Classified as a health supplement by Health Science authorities. GMP certified production. GMO Free. 100% Natural. Heavy Metal Safe. Suitable for Vegetarian. Easily consumed by children. A healthier choice in general as stated by the Singapore Health Standard. A product of Singapore.

Reboot Puro


What happens after taking 1 sachet of Reboot Puro?  

Reboot Puro will become gel like form in our colon, and start absorbing all the toxin like a sponge. When that happens, some users will feel bloated, and some feels a need to flush out the next morning. For those who has blood traces coming out or blood, please drink more water and flush it out for the next 3 days. if blood still showing please go for doctor check up immediately; possible colon has other underlying conditions accumulated all this years. The rule of thumb is to drink a bottle of water the next morning to help facilitate and flush everything out from our colon. 

reboot puro


How long before the effects of Reboot Puro starts?  

It usually takes about 8 to 9 hours, so the best time to consume is around 9pm -10pm or 30mins before sleep. 

reboot puro


Can this help to loss weight?  

Yes. Especially for those people that has a big belly tummy or snoopy tummy. As the toxin some times weighs a few kilograms. On top of that, your tummy can be seen flatten than before once the toxins are flushing out from your colon.   

reboot puro

Can children take Reboot Puro?

Can. As Reboot Puro is 100% natural, even children of 1 and half years old loves to consume it. However, in the beginning must mix into drinks and feed them with 3-4 tea spoon only. Do not allow them to take too much as it taste very good. the after effect of helping them with their constipation is very effective.


How do we know we are having constipation?

The best check point is on how many times you go per day. if you are having 3 meals a day, then the best is to go at least 2 times to 3 times. if you are going 1 time every 2 days or longer, you are constipated.