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reboot Lavida

Today do we choose what we LOVE to eat or what our body NEEDS to eat? The answer is always - LOVE to Eat! When that happens, it may not be what our body really NEEDs. So where does all the “rubbish” being dump into? Our Colon! 

  • Our Colon is a 7.5meter long journey, a lot of the “rubbish” are accumulated along the “wrinkled” pocket of the colon.

  • Have you been drinking lots of water as your daily routine to flush out all the "rubbish" colon toxin in your gut?

  • Have you been having 1 kg of fruits and vegetables in 5 different colors in your daily eating habits?

  • If you haven't and you are having a big stomach , a waistline that won't go down, a "snoopy tummy" that is always hanging out, You are constipated and its time to cleanse out your colon toxin and lighten your gut for a healthier better looking you. Reboot Lavida with Reboot Puro will kickstart your road to restoring wellness.

  • ''My 3 years old son Liam from time to time has constipation. sometime he "poop" only once in 3 days. Reason was because he didnt drink enough water or take enough fruits and vegetable at times. So everytime when we take Smoothe FiberGo, we will feed him with 2 tea spoon of it, and because it is natural sweetness and tasty for him to take. He goes smoothly and cleanse out fast. Its so natural until he loves it'' with the new packaging of Reboot Puro with more ingredient, its money for value.

    Liam Maximus Singapore

    ''In my work here, a lot of the times meeting clients and entertaining them takes much food and alcohol drinks, I use Smoothe FiberGo to help me cleanse out all the colon toxin from my gut. It helps me to prevent from absorbing too much alcohol when I took Smoothe FiberGo before I have to meet any clients.Recommended to most of my clients to help take care of their colon health.'' The new packaging Reboot Puro is elegant.

    Koichi . Japan

    ''I have taken a lot of different types of health supplements and most of the time, they are over claimed. I have known Nguyen and Marcus for many years and Smoothe FiberGo in the beginning is given to their customers for FREE for the past 3 years. With that confidence, I used it and it is by far the most effective and fastest result in helping to cleanse my colon toxin out from my gut.'' I saw the Reboot Puro packaging and its classy.

    ThaoLy Vietnam

    reboot puro